Terms and Conditions

Objective: Gulia Ventures may collect and store information about you when you visit our site, use our services, or view our online advertisements. The information which Gulia Ventures collects and store during normal use of the site is used to monitor use of the site and to help further development of our products and services. We use this information to improve our Web-based offerings.

Scope: This policy applies to information collected by Gulia Ventures through its websites.

Gulia Ventures also may collect some information automatically, which include:

• IP address

• Information about your web browser software and version;

• General geographic location indicated by your IP address;

• Website that referred you to us, and similar information.

We also may collect information about your activity on our websites, which might include:

• frequency of visits to our web site;

• Average length of visits;

• Pages viewed during a visit.

We may use various technologies to collect information about your activities on our websites, including:

• Cookies (If not selected may affect certain or all functionalities);

• Web Beacons / Web bugs (Measures user experience on our website).

We may combine your information, automatically gathered information and the information we collect through cookies/web beacons / web bugs, including information that we have collected about you, or information that we have obtained from other sources. We may aggregate any statistics or data that are collected, but we are under no obligation to do so.

Use of collected Personal Information

Gulia Ventures may use the personal information that is collected from you to provide requested products and services and for our internal business purposes, including, but not limited to:

• Responding to your requests for our unique products and services;

• To process your transactions and to provide you with transaction and post transaction-related services, providing, improving, and marketing our products and services, including site content and performance;

• Evaluating your use of the services;

• Providing advertising for products and services that might interest you;

• Responding to your requests for information;

• Communicating with you by e mail, postal mail or courier, and/or telephone about products or services that may be of interest to you;

• Maintaining and managing your account with us;

• Keeping you updated on the issues that are relevant to your business relationship with us;

• Monitoring your compliance with any terms and conditions associated with our products and services, including to confirm your identity;

• Performing other functions as described to you at the time of collection or pursuant to your consent.

In addition, certain information we collect, such as the IP address of any computer or other device that you use to access our website and any other domains that may be operated by Gulia Ventures , will be used to monitor and investigate possible violations of and enforce any terms and conditions associated with our products and services or other applicable agreements between you and Gulia Ventures. Our use and sharing of your personal information in the manner described in this Privacy Policy may involve the transfer of your personal information to Gulia Ventures or to third parties, as described in this Privacy Policy, that are in countries outside your country of residence, which may not have the same privacy legislation as your country of residence.